Tips & Tricks: Three things you should know about temperature and wine

It is way cooler

Not in the fridge, for most of the wine. Your typical fridge temperature is around 5 degrees Celcius. It is way too cold for most wine, except Champagnes would require a frigid temp to preserve the bubbles better. A lot of white wine and almost all the red is too harsh and tight, can be astringent and acidic to your taste.

How to cool it? Whites

An easy formula you can remember: a bucket, half ice, half water, dash of salt if you want rapid cooling power. Stick your whites and sparkling in there for 30mins. All done.
Or you do not have a bucket, set up a 30mins timer, wrap the wine with dripping wet paper towels, leave it in the freezer. Do not forget to take it out!


Most of the time, if you are getting your storage temperature right, there is no need to adjust it. Please check this article regarding the storage environment we mentioned briefly. If you need the temp to cool slightly, 30minutes in the fridge will do the job.