Tips & Tricks - How to choose the right glass?

What do you need?

As you may have before, a part of a fantastic wine experience is a glass that can express the wine nicely. Most of the time, your want wine to breathe and show its beauty. It requires a large internal surface area, a higher wall and a steady base. You can swirl like crazy (not that I encourage you to do so) without spilling. 


Budget and channels?

I find it hard to recommend any brand at this stage, but most winemakers and wineries like Riedel and Plumm, with an average of 20-30 Australian Dollars for each piece. You are rewarded with something beautiful. I tend to buy from Amazon just because I am too lazy to search, but maybe shop around and find a larger beautiful shape that you fancy.


Shape and Variety?

What shape should I go for? What method do I use to clean them? Is it worth it to buy different forms for different wines?

Yes and No. I should find another arvo to continue our topic. Meanwhile, stay tuned.