Tips & Tricks: How do you store the Wine?

Where do they go?

A huge question that I got people as me is, where do you place them?
A lot of us do not focus on the storage temperature and location of wine.

Little that you will know, your wine may suffer hugely from an inappropriate environment.

A modern pain

Australia started screwcap very early on. A lot of pioneer winemakers, producers made a massive leap in technology. From the 2000s, a lot fewer people complain about lousy cork and oxidation problems, something else we can talk about next time.

Meanwhile, the screwcap is so stable, and it does not tell any story of the wine's past. If a wine went through some extreme conditions, the cork would typically leak. You would generally see a stain on the capsule or cork itself. If the same thing happened on screwcap bottles, it seals so perfectly, nothing happens. Thus, there is little chance that a regular consumer would tell what a bottle has been through.

Chocolate Theory

Cool, away from sunshine, lay down in a cork bottle.

Find a dark, cool corner all year round, and let it be.

Under the bed, a corner in the garage, very bottom of the storage shelf.

Oh, and not in the fridge, you know chocolate can have problems in them, so as wine.

That is good enough for most of the drinkers, how easy is that?