Tips and Tricks: Wine Openers

Let's say you bought some wine, and some of these are cork sealed. You found a way to open one bottle, and there are five more.
It would help if you had a corkscrew, something everybody may have hidden in the kitchen drawer. You lost yours and need a new one.

Now I am here to help. Type in wine opener, and you will find a thousand kinds on any website.

No to electric.

The proper motor wine opener may exist, but it must be hundreds of dollars because if you are willing to spend 30-50, you get something that either you need to charge or stuff some AAs in. The moment you turn it on, the wining sounds it makes, it indeed contributes to the mood by RUINING it. Please help yourself, do not buy them.

No to Flappy Wings.

I admire the idea of design and physics. There is only one thing I hate. Lacking control, not that I am a control freak, but stick thick steel into the cork with a minimal guiding motion can be tricky.

Yes, to the Waiter's friend.

That is what I mean if the name cause more confusion. If you open some bottle in a continuous situation, this is the best thing next to the benchtop corkscrew or your friends opening them for you. I may find another time to show you how I use them.

Please tag me, leave a comment about using these wine openers and share your experiences. And I believe there are some hilarious stories to tell.