Tips and Tricks: three tools for wine

A pour piece(?)

Ever making a mess when you pour from a bottle? If you missed this idea pourer in the link(, you could still use this pourer without leaving your table stained. It uses a food-safe material and is super easy to store. But please! do not forget to peel off the surface membrane attached.

A corkscrew


Have you encountered a cork sealed bottle and had to search for a trick to open without a corkscrew? I'd personally suggest avoiding banging on the wall or push it back into the bottle. Both internal pressure-related issues can create some problems. I may write something foa a great corkscrew in the future as well.

A decanter

Look, I know it sounds like overkill and cleaning can be a problem, what I suggest you use some jug (find a good-looking one!), and you can compare a straight pour from the bottle itself decanted the wine for half an hour. You will like the idea. Maybe someday I can recommend great decanters as most of them are hard to clean while beautiful unused.