Tips and Tricks: Chill your wine

*A risky method is recommended if you really want to chill them quickly.

Right. Let me assume that you did everything right. You take that bottle from your precious collection if you have not seen this. And what is waiting for you, there is a summer party waiting. Now, is it white, red or sparkling?


Ideal drinking temperature 15-18 celsius degree. Your weather can be scorching hot, and the wine may experience some exposure under the sun. The easy thing is simple, keep it in the fridge or submerged in cool water.


Ideal drinking temperature 13-15 celsius degree. Keep in the fridge for 1 hour and serve, or you can wrap the bottle with wet tissue and place them in the freezer* for 20 mins.


A bucket, half ice, half water, pinch of salt dissolved, leave it in the bucket for half an hour. It is perfect. Or if rapid chilling is needed, wet tissue method* for 40 mins.

*Wine will expand its volume in the freezer. Wine bottles will definitely explode in the freezer if you ignore them. Please do not forget. Set yourself 1 million timers.