Tips and Tricks: 3 things to get for the great wine experience


No, not the five buck toy from Dan's. I mean an aeration pourer. Why? Most of the time, a wine especially under the screwcap, is needed to "wake up" to release the flavour. Most people would swirl the glass, but this helps with a clean pour and adds air to satisfy the taste.


A large glass helps everything, the appearance, smell, flavour. I bet you have some glass at home, but you do not know if it is good enough. To learn more about the excellent wine glass, you can visit this to know more!



What a great thing to talk about, haha. Some savoury, fatty and umami flavour is all you need. Olives and cheese, smallgoods, depending on what you like. I encourage you to try different things in terms of enjoying wine. Why not? I have gained some of the best experiences I have had in my life is because I am willing to challenge my braveness(but not food allergy and safety, you get it).