Tips and Tricks: Mulled Red Wine

This week to SA is freezing. I do not understand weather most of the time as we should learning grape growing. How are we getting this pathetic, wind-blowing, mind-numbing morning in October when summer hinted so many times? And apparently, next week, we will have a heatwave incoming. Where is the logic of seasons, La Niña?
Let me share a fantastic warm red wine recipe so we can survive this god-awful weather for now.

A fruit-forward wine. Just avoid astringency and bitterness. Any Merlot or Shiraz should fit. In contrast, leave the cabernet for normal drinking.

A gentle heat source and temperature. Keep the wine warm for most of the time and take it off the stove as the wine slowly becomes very volatile and hot. For your guidance, it should be between 57 to 78 degrees Celsius (so that you can state the spice but not lose alcohol and much of the wine flavour).

Ingredient. Spice but not too much, some fruit and garnish.
I would go for some cinnamon sticks, star anise and a few cloves for a general sweet spice. Orange and apple is a good companion, leave the orange peel for garnish.

Let us cook. General heat with rinsed spice and sliced fruit, heat to desire and steep for 5 minutes. Pre-heat your cup and pour, garnish. You will like it.